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People’s Power Attacks Amb. Dunnigan, Says She “Crossed a Red Line”

The People’s Power party, an offshoot of the Georgian Dream lashed out at the US Ambassador Robin Dunnigan on June 20 in response to her June 19 interview with IPN, People’s Power in which she spoke of US-Georgia relations, the US sanctions, granting the Anaklia port contract to Chinese company and other issues. The bitter statement full of accusations, grievances and resentment towards Georgia’s longstanding strategic partner says the Ambassador “crossed a red line” by touching on issues “that directly affect the sovereignty and independence of our country.” The statement unprecedented in its hostile tone, even by People’s Power standards, denounces the current U.S. policy toward Georgia as “inappropriate” ,”oppressive” and “insulting” and questions the billions of dollars in U.S. aid to the country, claiming that it has been less and spent on strengthening the U.S. agents in the country.

Downplaying the questionable image of the Chinese company that won the Anaklia Port project with Russia, as voiced by U.S. Amb. Dunnigan, People’s Power ironically describes her logic as “enviable.” Dunnigan had stated that the Chinese company involved in the Anaklia Port project is owned by the Chinese Communist Party, “the number one financier of the Russian military today.” In turn, People’s Power inquires why the U.S. is deepening economic relations with China every year, citing the figures of the total trade turnover between the U.S. and China in 2023, as well as the volume of Chinese investments in the U.S. economy since 2017, and noting also the trade turnover between China and the EU. “Why do you think that deepening relations with China will bring good things to the U.S. and the EU, but is dangerous for us?” asks People’s Power, accusing the U.S. Ambassador of having long considered Georgia a “failed state” and possessing a “false perception” of the Georgian people, as if they cannot distinguish good from evil.

Claiming that economic relations with China are of “crucial” importance for Georgia, People’s Power says: “The only country that will be seriously harmed if Georgia cuts off economic relations with China is, in fact, Georgia.” For the same reason, the party adds, Georgia did not impose sanctions on Russia and did not cut economic and trade ties with Russia, as the U.S. “demanded this in the same rude way” when Russia began its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022. “With such foolish move we would not be able to harm Russia, but we would definitely have imposed the “heaviest sanctions” on the economy of our country and the Georgian people with our own hands, the consequences of which would seriously affect the lives of our people for ten years.” the statement says.

People’s Power also accuses the U.S. Ambassador of “creating an illusion” and “mocking” the Georgian people by “constantly” reminding them of the six billion U.S. dollars in aid that the United States has given to Georgia since the country’s independence. First, the party claims that the actual amount is four billion, not six billion U.S. dollars. Second, it contends that most of this money has been spent on local CSOs to bring “your favorite” party, UNM, to power and then for its “continued” support. Third, People’s Power argues that this money is currently also being spent on CSOs that are doing “subversive” work for the country, with the sole aim of bringing the UNM back into government.

The party, recalls the role that Georgia has played in international missions in partnership with the United States, making a claim that without Georgia’s support, the United States would have had to spend “at least” two billion dollars more in Afghanistan alone.

The statement goes further to implicitly put the blame on the US for the 2008 war and even to suggest that the war was in the U.S. interest saying: “… your beloved party did everything to bring Georgia into this very difficult situation.” The statement goes on to say: “Yes, the agents network organized the worst provocations in 2008, and if it weren’t for this deliberate malice towards its own country, if it weren’t for the silent execution of tasks and slavish obedience, Georgia wouldn’t have become a victim of war, we wouldn’t have 35,000 new refugees, 20 percent of Georgia’s territory wouldn’t have been occupied, and the economic collapse wouldn’t have happened. We have serious questions about your role and function in these processes, because today even a small child in Georgia knows that Saakashvili and his gang of agents carried out the most difficult tasks against Georgia in order to provoke the occupation.”

The statement then notes that “after the events of August, Russia was called “an occupier” and the USA -“a strategic partner”, which in the years that followed – until today – has been used more or less successfully for the production of propaganda and terrorizing public opinion.”

The party then calls on the U.S. to publish the financial documents concerning aid to Georgia so that “everything will be clear to society.”

Moreover, the statement says that if the U.S. “really wanted friendly relations and strategic partnership” with Georgia, it would have built the Anaklia port with American investment many years ago. “Despite several offers, you refused to build the port each time, and now, when the real investor appeared […] your only driving goal is to disrupt the project and eliminate the construction of the port.”

The statement ends by saying that the party will act in accordance with what it thinks is good for the country, its sovereignty and economy, despite any concerns its “strategic partner” the U.S. may express, and “even if its decisions cost it a review of this partnership with the U.S.”

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