International Partners Congratulate Georgia on Independence Day

On May 26, Georgia celebrates the 106th anniversary of the declaration of the first independent democratic republic and 33rd anniversary of the restoration of its independence. Foreign leaders, diplomats, and officials sent congratulations and well wishes to Georgia in celebration of Georgia’s Independence Day.

Embassy of Norway in Georgia: “Happy Independence Day, Georgia! Today, we celebrate the spirit and resilience of the Georgian people. May this Independence Day remind us all of the enduring values of freedom and democracy. We stand with you and wish you peace, prosperity, and a future filled with hope.”

U.S. Helsinki Commission: “Happy Independence Day, Georgia! As Georgians commemorate the 1918 and 1991 restoration of independence, you again face a struggle for freedom against your imperial northern neighbor. The United States stands with the Georgian people. Sakartvelos gaumarjos!”

Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “Congratulations to our neighbour and strategic partner Georgia on Independence Day! Gaumarjos Sakartvelos!”

Maia Sandu, President of Moldova: “Congratulations to the people of Georgia on Independence Day! As the world witnesses your steadfast commitment to democratic values, your efforts to protect democracy resonate far beyond your borders. Moldova stands in solidarity with you.”

Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, President of Iceland: “Congratulations to President Zurabishvili and all the people of Georgia as you celebrate Independence Day. Thinking back to memories of my official visit to your beautiful country, I wish Georgia a bright and prosperous future based on our shared values. Gilotsav Sakartvelo!”

Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “Happy Independence Day, Georgia! Estonia celebrates and stands with Georgian people!”

The King of the United Kingdom, Charles III congratulated Georgia in a letter addressed to the President Zurabishvili. The letter reads: “As you and the people of Georgia celebrate the special occasion of your Independence Day, my wife and I have great pleasure in conveying our heartfelt congratulations to Your Excellency and the Georgian people. I value the bond between our nations, and hope that our countries can continue to work closely together on important global issues, whether they be peace and prosperity, or environment and climate change, which will benefit our future generations for years to come. My wife and I would like to take this opportunity to send you and all Georgians our warmest good wishes for the coming year.”

President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko congratulated the people of Georgia on Independence Day, writing: “The identical values of the peoples of Belarus and Georgia based on historical Christian traditions, true love for the Fatherland and a strong desire to live and work on their land have united us for centuries… I am convinced that political maturity of the civil community, vital wisdom and indomitable will of the Georgian people, and, most importantly, interest in preserving stability in our common region will successfully overcome all existing contradictions.”

President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev wrote a congratulatory letter to PM Irakli Kobakhidze, saying: “On the occasion of the national holiday of friendly Georgia – the Independence Day, I personally, on behalf of myself and the people of Azerbaijan, extend my sincere congratulations to you and all your people. Azerbaijan-Georgia relations are based on the unshakable will and spirit of our friendly peoples, who have been living for centuries in conditions of friendly neighborliness and mutual understanding. It is gratifying that today our interstate relations have gained a new dimension, our partnership based on mutual trust and support has successfully developed and enriched with new content. I am sure that for the sake of the welfare of our peoples, stability and security of our region, we will successfully continue our joint efforts in the direction of expansion of Azerbaijan-Georgia relations in all spheres, realization of our joint initiatives, deepening of our mutually beneficial cooperation and strategic partnership”.

French President Emmanuel Macron congratulated Georgia in a letter addressed to the President Zurabishvili. President Macron wrote: “On the occasion of Georgia’s national holiday, I am pleased to extend my sincerest wishes to the Georgian people and to you. At a time when Russia has reignited the war on the European continent, I would like to reiterate France’s unwavering support for Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, on this symbolic day of celebration of its regained independence. By granting Georgia candidate country status for accession to the European Union on December 14, 2023, the European Council has responded unequivocally to the aspirations of the Georgian people. It’s up to Georgia to choose its path. Europe’s path is one of law, democracy and the promise of shared prosperity, within a framework of trusting and respectful dialogue and partnership. France will continue to stand by Georgia’s side all the more resolutely as the latter continues along this path. Please accept, Madam President, the assurance of my highest consideration and the expression of my respectful homage.”

Foreign Ministry of Armenia: “Cordially congratulations to you on the occasion of the Independence Day of Georgia. Let us further strengthen the brotherly ties of our peoples and the strategic partnership between our countries, which will bring prosperity to Armenia, Georgia and the South Caucasus.”

Embassy in Denmark in Georgia: “Congratulations on your Independence Day, Georgia! The Embassy of Denmark in Tbilisi congratulates all Georgians on Independence Day! Today, as we celebrate Georgia’s independence, we tribute those who bravely stood up in fight for Georgia’s sovereignty and independence. Independence cannot be taken for granted.”

Polish Embassy in Georgia: “All the best to our friends from Georgia on the occasion of Georgia’s Independence Day! Congratulations from Poland!”

French Embassy in Georgia: “On the occasion of Georgia’s national holiday, the French Embassy in Georgia extends its sincerest wishes to the Georgian people. France reiterates its unwavering support for Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity on this symbolic day of regained independence. France will continue to stand resolutely by Georgia and its people on their path towards the European Union.”

EU Delegation to Georgia: “We congratulate Georgia on 26 May – Independence Day! As Georgia celebrates re-gaining its independence, it also honours legacy and dedication of those who have strived for this day. EU remains a firm supporter of Georgia’s independence and territorial integrity. Go forward, Georgia!”

Peter Fischer, German Ambassador to Georgia: “I warmly congratulate Georgia on today’s Independence Day. On 26 May 1918, the Georgian people chose independence and democracy in a historic act. Then as now, Germany stands firmly on the side of those who are committed to a free, peaceful and European Georgia.”

Embassy of Czechia in Georgia: “Happy Independence Day to Georgia and to all our Georgians colleagues and friends! Gagumarjos Sakartvelo!”

U.S. Embassy in Georgia: “Happy Independence Day, Georgia! May you happily celebrate your hard-earned freedom and independence day. The United States remains a strong supporter of Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Embassy of Sweden in Georgia: “Happy Independence Day, Georgia! Sweden continues to firmly support the sovereignty, freedom, unity and territorial integrity of Georgia.”

Ingrida Šimonytė, Prime Minister of Lithuania: “Congratulations to the people of Sakartvelo on the occasion of the Independence Day. Sovereignty belongs to the people and the people of Georgia have clearly chosen a European future for their country. I urge Georgia’s authorities to implement the will of their nation and return to the course of European integration, as enshrined in the Georgian Constitution.”

Edgars Rinkēvičs, President of Latvia: “Warm greetings to the Georgian people and President Zurabishvili celebrating Independence Day. As Georgia stands at crossroads I reaffirm Latvia’s support to Georgia’s European future the people have chosen. It’s decision time.”

Anna Fotyga, MEP: “Georgia carries a long and rich history. This day signifies the country’s spirit of freedom, as she celebrates her independence from Russia in 1918. I wish the brave people of Georgia the strength to overcome all obstacles that limit their enduring development and prosperity, and to successfully uphold their will to join the Euro-Atlantic institutions. May the territorial integrity of Georgia be fully restored.”

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