McCain Institute, George W. Bush Institute, and Freedom House Call on US, Europe to Sanction GD Officials, Families

On May 22, the McCain Institute, George W. Bush Institute, and Freedom House issued a strong-worded statement calling on the United States and its European allies “to immediately impose travel restrictions and financial sanctions against individuals responsible for undermining Georgia’s democratic development and Euro-Atlantic aspirations, including high-ranking Georgian Dream officials and their families.” The organizations also stress that Washington must stand with the people of Georgia “against the autocratic actions” of their government.

The statement says the Georgian Foreign Agents Law mirrors the similar law of Russia and is a “draconian” legislation which “suffocates civil society and media by exposing potential government critics to overly burdensome regulations and imposing crippling fines on organizations and private individuals who fail to comply.”

The organizations also react to the peaceful protests in Georgian against this “authoritarian power grab,” accusing the government of “a violent crackdown.” “The people of Georgia recognize this bill is the latest threat to their rights and freedom, and they are making clear that the future of Georgia lies with Europe and democracy, not Russia and repression,” the statement reads.

“Following Russia’s 2008 invasion of Georgia, Senator John McCain famously stated that ‘we are all Georgians.’ Today, our organizations continue to stand with the people of Georgia and their demands for a free, democratic future,” the statement concludes.

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