Public Broadcaster Cancels TV Shows Citing Changes to Funding Rules

Georgian Public Broadcasting (GPB) announced that it will cancel an entire channel and seven TV shows , in its statement on December 16 and called against the “politicization of the issue”.

The GPB cites the changed model of funding of the broadcaster, saying that “the current situation creates a new reality for the organization, which is obliged, on the one hand, to maintain continuous broadcasting, to fulfill the content obligations and, on the other hand, to change the planned programming based on the new circumstances.” The GPB also refers to the additional capital costs of moving to the new building.

On December 15, the Georgian Parliament adopted the amendments to the law on broadcasting, according to which from 2026 the annual budget of GPB will be calculated by multiplying the number of people employed in Georgia in the previous year by GEL 64. In addition, the GPB’s annual funding may be reduced only with the approval of the Board of Trustees.

While the GPB states that “all of its TV shows are equally valuable” that statement explains the cancellation of several TV programs by noting that “the restructuring was planned in accordance with changes in funding” and that “it will affect different projects as well as each employee of the organization in different ways.” GPB considers it “unacceptable to politicize any of its television programs.”

The TV shows that will be canceled cover a variety of areas, says the statement, including political, cultural, social, educational, entertainment, and others. According to GPB, the following shows will be canceled:

  • Teleschool [Teleskola] – a separate educational channel with teachers conducting real school lessons online;
  • Code of the Day [Dghis Kodi] – TV show focusing on cultural and interdisciplinary topics;
  • Unbearable Lightness of Gorgiladze [Gorgiladzis autaneli simsubuke] – In one of the widely viewed programs, the host, Davit Gorgiladze, featured prominent Georgian social figures and their perspectives;
  • Farm [Ferma] – TV show with focus on agricultural issues;
  • Free Vision from Giorgi Gvimradze [Tavisupali khedva Giorgi Gvimradzestan ertad] – Political show with Georgian political guests, mainly from the ruling party, rarely with opposition parties;
  • Hoppla, We’re Alive! [Hopla, chven vtsotskhlobt] – Movie and theater-oriented TV show;
  • With Natalie and Datuna [Nataliastan da Datunastan ertad] – Musical show;
  • Men PLAY [Katsebi PLAY] – Along with “Unbearable Lightness of Gorgiladze”, Men PLAY was one of the most prominent shows with humorous content.

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