Sergei Shamba: “Abkhazia is part of the Russian World”

On October 18, Sergei Shamba, the so-called “Secretary of the Security Council” and “ex-Prime Minister” of occupied Abkhazia, asserted that Abkhazia is a “part of the Russian world” during a round table called “Cultural and Social Space of Abkhazia and Russia” held in Sokhumi, according to the Russian state-owned news agency “Ria Novosti”.

Shamba emphasized that there is a strong bond between Abkhazia and Russia, noting their “enduring connection” despite the dissolution of the Soviet community and adding that “Abkhazian society is attuned to the Russian world and takes part in the creation of the Russian world. We want to be and are a part of this [Russian world] “.

Regarding the role of the Russian language in the region of Abkhazia, Shamba highlighted its contribution to Abkhazia’s understanding of global culture. He stated: “It must be said that Russian society also absorbed many traditions and some cultural aspects. And this enrichment was mutual. Of course, the great Russian culture, influenced to a greater extent the formation of many nationalities during the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. Abkhazia has always attracted the attention of the Russian creative intelligentsia – writers, artists and many others”.

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