Russian Occupying Forces Fortifying the Tskhinvali Occupation Line

The anti-occupation movement Power is in Unity which regularly patrols the occupation line and reports on the situation on the ground reports that the Russian occupying forces are reinforcing the checkpoints along the Tskhinvali region occupation line.

The leader of the movement David Katsarava writes that this time an additional defensive fence is being built in approximately 2 km from the central highway on the Orchosani-Khurvaleti section.

Meanwhile, the Russian engineering unit is actively digging trenches and preparing a robust fortification system.

The information is accompanied by drone footage of the newly built fortifications.

Katsarava writes that the group has observed similar engineering systems in the villages of Tamarasheni, Ghogeti, Jariasheni, Akhmaji, and Khurvaleti along the occupation line.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the Russian occupying forces have been further harassing the local population. The occupiers boarded up the doors of the two churches on the occupied territory, preventing the local community from celebrating one of the most revered Christian Orthodox holidays – Mariamoba – on 28 August, threatening that if they came near the churches they would be handcuffed, arrested and taken to Tskhinvali.

A local man said: “Russians, come over, and we can’t go to churches, to cemeteries… nobody pays attention to us. They boarded up the Lomisi church three months ago… Three days ago, they came to the top of the village and were waiting for the shepherds to catch them and take them away, but the villagers saw them and warned the shepherds. So, they did not take the cattle to the pasture. We are living in hardship, people are afraid.” contacted the office of the Georgian Minister of State for Reconciliation and Civil Equality for comment, which will be reflected in this news item upon receipt

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