Russia’s FM Lavrov Accuses West of Preparing “Color Revolution” by Supporting CSOs in the Region

At the joint press-conference following the meeting Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with his Armenian counterpart Ararat Mirzoyan in Moscow today, Lavrov ruled out any kind of cooperation with the West on South Caucasus.

In a remark,  bearing particular connotation against the background of the last weeks’ protest rallies in Tbilisi against the Russian-inspired Foreign Agents’ law and its eventual striking down in the Georgian Parliament, Lavrov stressed that the West achieves its aims in the South Caucasus through the support, including financial assistance, to the non-governmental organizations, which “in this part of the world, as in any other region, conduct “preparations for the next color revolution”.

He said that these NGOs are well-known and are promoting the West’s interests “and trying to discredit Russia and Iran, and therefore no, I cannot see any possibility and necessity of developing any kind of dialogue with the West on South Caucasus, as on majority of other issues on international agenda.”

He also said that the West has “completely discredited itself” adding: “we see very well what aims the West pursues in South Caucasus”. He blamed the West for attempting to “tear Russia away from its neighbors” and talked about the Russia’s initiative 3+3, which envisages participation of three South Caucasus countries as well Russia, Iran and Turkey.

Lavrov noted that “Georgia is still thinking about joining this format” and that “the door is open for Georgia”. He also blamed the West for attempting to undermine Russia’s efforts to develop the 3+3 format saying that “the West is trying to impose its services to the three South Caucasus countries” as well as “dominate, establish its hegemony everywhere, far away from its borders, infringing on the lawful interests of three close neighbors of the South Caucasus countries” – specifying he implies interests of Russia, Iran and Turkey.

CORRECTION: This article initially erroneously stated that Lavrov was speaking while on visit to Armenia. This was obviously an error, for which we apologize – the meeting took place in Moscow.

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