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62 Arrested on Drug-related Charges

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Georgia announced on December 20 that 62 people were arrested on drug-related charges as a result of operational measures and investigative actions conducted across the country.

According to the MIA, among those arrested are 46 drug dealers and 16 foreign nationals accused of illegal import of drugs into the territory of Georgia. The defendants face up to 20 years or lifetime imprisonment.

According to the Ministry, the law enforcement officers conducted control purchases of drugs several times from persons arrested and performed secret audio-video recording of the mentioned process.

“From the locations indicated by the detainees, as well as during the personal search and search activities held in their vehicles, residential houses and apartments, large and especially large quantities of narcotic drugs prepared for sale were seized as evidence, namely: “Heroin”, “Cocaine”, “Alpha PVP”, “Buprenorphine”, “Ecstasy”, “Methadone”, “Ketamine”, “Lyrica”, “Opium” and “Marijuana,” the Ministry added.

According to the official information, throughout 2022, the police arrested 204 drug dealers and seized from illegal circulation: 8 kilograms of “heroin”, 8,500 pills of “Subutex” and “Suboxin”, 16 kilograms of “cocaine”, 6 kilograms of “MDMA”, 5 kilograms of “Alpha PVP”, 4.5 kilogram of “clephedron” and other drugs as well.

“One of the main priorities for the Ministry of Internal Affairs is the effective fight against drug-related crime and the implementation of legal measures against drug dealers,” the Ministry says.

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