Query Launched into TV Imedi’s Journalist Obtaining Personal Data

The Personal Data Protection Service announced on 28 November that it has started to look into the story broadcast by pro-government TV Imedi, in which journalist Marika Bakuradze contacted several individuals to question them about the comments that they had posted on Facebook under a particular TV Imedi article.

The Service noted that its study into the matter is related to how Bakuradze was able to obtain the phone numbers of the individuals in question.

The story, which aired on the Imedi Day show, raised questions amongst the public about the legal and ethical implications of Bakuradze’s actions and resulted in widespread criticism directed at her and the TV channel. Notably, such concerns were also rooted in perceptions that the story represented an example of Imedi blackmailing critical citizens.

On her part, Bakuradze addressed the concerns in a Facebook post, stating “I am sorry that today’s broadcast caused such a stir.” She claimed that the purpose of the program was to spark a discussion on “hate speech” and how people behave on social media versus in real life.

Bakuradze also contended that “the anonymity of the respondents was fully protected.” Regarding how she obtained the phone numbers of the individuals that she contacted, Bakuradze said it was through “personal and general acquaintances.” “You will agree with me that finding contacts in the space of Facebook today, in the 21st century, is not a problem,” she declared.

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