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Ukrainians Now Able to Enroll in Georgian Universities Without National Exams

The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia announced on 19 August that refugee applicants from Ukraine living in Georgia can now enroll in Georgian universities without having to pass national exams.

According to the Ministry, Ukrainian entrants can continue their studies at Georgian institutions in the academic programs they desire.

In addition, with the cooperation of the Ministry, as well as the Ukrainian Embassy in Georgia and the Ukrainian Ministry of Education, Ukrainian students living in Georiga who continued their studies in Ukrainian schools remotely and completed the 11th grade, took their exams online.

“The exam lasted for 2 hours and it included questions in mathematics, history, and Ukrainian language. 64 Ukrainian students took part in the test,” the Georgian Ministry of Education stated.

Significantly, Ukrainian school children up to the 11th grade who are refugees living in Georgia can study at Ukrainian schools based in Tbilisi and the coastal city of Batumi with the same curriculum and textbooks as in Ukraine.

Per the Education Ministry, more than 1,500 Ukrainian students are currently enrolled in various public and private schools across the country. Of these, more than 900 students continue their studies in Ukrainian.

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