Probe Launched into Alleged Incitement to Suicide by Police in Marneuli

The Special Investigation Service said on May 18 it launched probing the case of Rauf Bayramov, a resident of the village of Kachagani of Marneuli Municipality in the Kvemo Kartli region, who, according to media reports, committed suicide following violence and psychological pressure by police.

Investigators are probing the incident under Article 115 (incitement to suicide) and Article 333 (exceeding official powers) of the Criminal Code of Georgia.

According to media reports, Bayramov, 46, was summoned by police on May 13 as a witness in connection with a robbery case. Later, the man was taken to the Marneuli District Police, where he was allegedly subject to psychological and physical pressure.

Bayramov’s mother told government-critical TV Pirveli that her son was beaten when he returned from the police. She said he spoke of police demanding him to confess to the crime he had not committed.

Rauf Bayramov’s brother supposed that the victim could not withstand physical and psychological violence from the police and committed suicide.

“All police officers involved in the case should be punished,” the victim’s brother told Mtavari Arkhi TV.

In another interview with Formula TV, a government-critical broadcaster, he explained that following the police incident, his brother left as the family had no information about his whereabouts for a day. Finally, he was found hanged in the basement of his home.

The Special Investigation Service clarified that it has applied to the Interior Ministry to provide the video recordings showing Bayramov’s stay at Marneuli District Police.

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