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Georgia’s Parliament Speaker Rejects Bucha Invitation

Georgia’s Parliament Speaker Shalva Papuashvili will not visit Bucha, the location of notorious Russian killings near Kyiv, rejecting the invitation of Ukrainian Rada Speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk.

“I would like individual representatives of the Ukrainian Government to fully understand the strong support the Georgian people and government have for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people,” Speaker Papuashvili said today.

The Georgian Speaker continued: “this support and the partnership of our countries, don’t really deserve an attempt by high-ranking Ukrainian officials to separate the Georgian people and its government [in their support to Ukraine], the demand for opening a second frontline in Georgia, unfounded diplomatic démarches, baseless allegations, or accusations on profiteering by Ukrainians’ misfortune, as it was stated in my [Ukrainian] colleague’s previous address.”

“Against the background of the incomprehensibility of these issues, the official invitation seems inappropriate,” Speaker Papuashvili asserted.

“We have stated many times and I repeat it again, the support for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people is our human and historical duty, and we will fulfill this duty, no matter how unfair and unfounded allegations we may hear in response.”

In his note on Facebook, Georgian Speaker nevertheless said: “It is impossible to describe in words the feeling you get when seeing the atrocities in Bucha and other cities in Ukraine.”

“Unfortunately, we do know this feeling all too well. Throughout recent history of Georgia we are going through this feeling,” he said, referring to upcoming April 9, 1989 Soviet massacre of pro-independence Georgians in Tbilisi.

“We know this feeling needs to be shared, needs justice. That’s why we made referral to The Hague-based International Criminal Court to launch probe into Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine…”

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