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Tbilisi Denies Ukraine’s Claims Over Aiding Russian Smuggling

The Finance Ministry of Georgia rebuffed today Ukraine’s allegations over aiding Russian smuggling of military, dual and civilian through the Georgian territory.

“This is a completely baseless and absurd accusation,” said Georgia’s Ministry of Finance.

“Since the very first days of the imposition of international sanctions on the Russian Federation, Georgia has been exercising strict control over all customs checkpoints in the country and has been monitoring incoming and outgoing cargo.”

The Ministry of Finance asserted “with full responsibility” that any goods, both military and dual-use, and all other sanctioned products “are subject to strict customs control by the Georgian Government.”

“All our international partners are informed about this in detail. Georgia will continue to exercise strict control in this area and share information with partners.”

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry Intelligence said earlier today that Moscow — hit by the sanctions over its invasion of Ukraine — is establishing a smuggling channel through the territory of Georgia.

“Representatives of the Georgian security services were instructed by the political leadership not to interfere with the activities of the smugglers,” the Ukrainian military intelligence alleged.


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