Georgian Medics Volunteer in Ukraine

A group of ten Georgian medics has recently arrived in the city of Kolomyia of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, western Ukraine, to prop up the healthcare sector in the town of about 60,000 that has accepted some 40,000 people uprooted from their homes by Russia’s bloody invasion.

Georgian opposition Lelo party, which helped organize the deployment of the volunteers, said on April 4 that the medics had taken with them various medicines and equipment pieces, including a video laryngoscope, oxygen concentrator and an electrocardiogram.

It added that the doctors would also work in emergency brigades, hold trainings and carry out surgeries.

Lelo noted that the deployment was organized in coordination with the Ukrainian Health Ministry.

The list of the volunteers who left from Tbilisi included Vato Surguladze, a Lelo member, Vazha Gaprindashvili, a prominent traumatologist, as well as Ramaz Zosiashvili, Kakhaber Chikhradze, Bakur Metreveli, Nikoloz Makharadze, Konstantine Melnichuk and Natela Melnichuk. Doctor Giorgi Pataraia joined the team in Poland, before arriving in Ukraine.

“Our friends from Georgia visited the hospital, doctors who left their country, jobs, families and came to help heal our wounded boys,” the regional hospital for war veterans in Kolomyia said in a Facebook post on April 5, following the volunteers’ visit.

It further noted: “We will not forget about it! God is with us, the whole world and Ukraine! Together to victory!”

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