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Georgia Aids Russian Smuggling, Ukraine Claims

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry Intelligence alleged today that Moscow is establishing a channel for smuggling through the Georgian territory.

“With the imposition of international sanctions, the Russian Federation has lost the ability to supply a large range of military, dual and civilian goods,” it said, adding: “to circumvent the sanctions, Russian agents set up smuggling channels, which pass, in particular, on Georgian territory.”

“At the same time, representatives of the Georgian security services were instructed by the political leadership not to interfere with the activities of the smugglers,” alleged the Ukrainian military intelligence.

As per the same statement, the possibility of resumption of air traffic between Georgia and Russia, halted by Vladimir Putin since June 2019 over the anti-occupation protests in Tbilisi, is also being considered.

No other concrete details were provided in a brief statement by the Ukrainian intelligence.

Civil Georgia is trying to reach out to the Government of Georgia for comment. The article will be update upon receiving the government’s response.

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