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Tskhinvali Leader Visits Donetsk, Mariupol

Kremlin-backed leader of Tskhinvali Region/South Ossetia, Anatoly Bibilov has travelled to Russian occupied Donetsk and visited embattled southeastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol, Bibilov’s press service reported on April 2.

As part of his visit, Bibilov held a meeting with Denis Pushilin, Kremlin’s top man in Donetsk. During their joint briefing, Pushilin hailed the participation of S. Ossetian volunteers in the war in Donbas.

“And our attitude towards Russia is unambiguous, unequivocal – this is what our peoples are striving for: to be as close as possible to Russia, our common homeland,” said Pushilin.

He backed Bibilov’s quest to achieve the Russian annexation of South Ossetia, while expressing conviction that “historical justice will be restored” – meaning incorporation into Russia – in the case of Donetsk also.

On his part, Kremlin’s top man in Tskhinvali, Anatoly Bibilov parroted Moscow’s line, and condemned “Ukrainian leadership which supports fascism.”

“It is a terrible story not only for Donbass, but for Ukraine itself. It’s clear that these people, that brought up their future generations in hatred of everything Russian, know well that this story has a bad end.”

“Whatever the case, I am absolutely certain that the Donetsk people’s republic will be liberated,” Bibilov claimed.

“For all of us… Russia is a historical motherland. This historic homeland connects S. Ossetia, Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics and connects the entire Russian world,” he added.

Bibilov’s press service also reported on April 2, that he visited Mariupol together with Dmitry Sablin, State Duma MP and head of the Fighting Fraternity veterans organization.

As per the same report, Bibilov got to the city hospital to hand over a batch of medicines. “Anatoly Bibilov talked to the doctors to learn how South Ossetia could help.”

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