Georgian MP Reports on Fight in Irpin, Ukraine

Leader of the Citizens party, Georgian lawmaker Alexander (Aleko) Elisashvili has issued an account of his activities on the battlefield near Kyiv as a volunteer fighter against Russia.

MP Elisashvili said that alongside fellow Georgian volunteers, he spent four days on the frontline in Irpin during Ukraine’s military campaign to reclaim control over the satellite town northwest of Kyiv, the capital.

“First we were tasked with surveillance,” the lawmaker-turned-fighter recounted in a Facebook post. “At night the guys noticed the movement of Russian equipment, we relayed the coordinates and the precisely working Ukrainian artillery destroyed four BMPs in a few minutes.”

Elisashvili said his group was then involved in the final offensive for liberating Irpin on March 27.

“The ‘invincible army’ fled, we could not even catch up,” the Georgian lawmaker referred to the Russian retreat, adding “we took over the city completely.”

As per his account, the Russian forces then began bombing the town, but the groups stationed there remained unscathed.

“The next morning a new subdivision substituted us, numb with cold and sleepless due to bombing,” Elisashvili said.

“Death to the occupiers! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Georgia!” Elisashvili concluded.

Elisashvili became a member of the Georgian Parliament through the October 2020 elections. Prior to his career in politics, he was a Tbilisi preservationist activist and a journalist.

The Georgian lawmaker announced on March 14 that he had joined Ukraine’s resistance against Russia’s bloody invasion, stressing he could not “observe the fight from afar.”

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