Russian Deputy Economy Minister Visits Abkhazia

On March 9, Russian Deputy Economy Minister Dmitry Volvach met with Kremlin-backed Abkhaz leader Aslan Bzhania in Sokhumi. 

At the meeting, Deputy Minister Volvach pledged to continue Russia’s social and economic cooperation with the region, according to Bzhania’s press service.

“Under these conditions, the connection between our states acquires additional meaning and value,” Volvach said, alluding to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and Western sanctions imposed on Russia.

The Russian official expressed gratitudes to Bzhania for Abkhaz efforts, including for establishing “diplomatic relations” with occupied Donetsk on March 9. 

On his part, Bzhania vowed “to provide the people of Russia with all possible support.”

The Abkhaz leader also recalled that Sokhumi has recognized independence of Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Donetsk and Luhansk “republics” and taken in evacuees from Donbas.

Bzhania noted that Sokhumi “is ready to provide other support, if necessary,” without specifying further.

Earlier today, Russian-state owned TASS news agency published interview with Volvach, stressing that Russia wants the two regions to be less dependent on Moscow’s finances. MORE

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