Georgia’s Opposition Backs EU Membership

Leaders of major opposition parties have welcomed the ruling Georgian Dream party’s largely unexpected announcement to follow Ukraine’s suit and apply immediately to the EU membership for a candidate status on March 3. offers below their statements in quotes: 

Nika Melia, Chair of the United National Movement,  largest opposition party:

“I congratulate on the Georgian people, their fight, their presence [in the streets], their determination and thirst for freedom yielded results – Georgia’s government was forced to apply for the EU membership. I would like to appeal the Western world: we agree with President Zelenskyy, we may indeed not have a decent government, but we are a decent, fighting nation. Our government may not deserve your loyal attitude, but we, the Georgian people deserve that. We thus appeal all of Europe to accept this application. Georgia’s place is in Europe.”

Giorgi Gakharia, For Georgia leader, Ex-Prime Minister:

“We welcome the decision on appealing for Georgia’s EU membership. This application should be followed by credible steps by the government for the process to proceed rapidly and efficiently. We offer the maximum support to the government in this regard and call on all political actors, both from the government and the opposition to refrain from discussing who took what contribution in this process. Let’s unite around this idea and bring this process quickly and effectively to a logical outcome…”

Mamuka Khazaradze, Lelo party leader:

“As a result of firm protest by our youths, the government will apply for EU membership. Protest shall continue – we should do our best for the application not to remain as an application only.”

Elene Khoshtaria, Droa party leader:

“Georgian citizens’s protest yielded results: the ruling party that yesterday would argue not to apply for EU membership till 2024, was forced to backtrack [and apply faster]…. The membership in the European Union takes defending European values and supporting its Russia fight. Droa political party reckons the success of this process depends on national accord, democratic and institutional governance, court system reform.”

Giorgi Vashadze, Strategy Aghmashenebeli, MP:

“Our joint struggle has yielded the result! The government agreed and will immediately appeal to the EU on membership. Thank you all who took part in this. Thanks to our youths that are standing in the streets over the past days; to Georgian citizens, that built additional bridges to the west; to diplomats of every generation, that established contacts to Europe; thanks to our ancestors that gave their blood and work to preserve this country. Membership in the European family is Georgia’s aspiration spanning centuries. By our history and culture, we have proved [many times] that we are part of the western civilization and the free world.”

Aleko Elisashvili, Citizens party leader, MP:

“Full support to Georgia’s expedited application for EU membership!! We deserve to return to the family, the civilization of which we were the makers of and the values of which we have defended over centuries.” 

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