Russian Properties Handled ‘Not Entirely Legitimately” in Abkhazia, Says Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said “not entirely legitimate processes” are taking place regarding the property of Russian citizens in Abkhazia.

Lavrov’s remarks at today’s press conference came a day after his meeting with recently-appointed Abkhaz “foreign minister” Inal Ardzinba in Sochi.

The top Russian diplomat also spoke of cases of Russian tourists experiencing “unpleasant situations,” as well as Russian entrepreneurs facing unresolved issues in the occupied region.

“The Abkhaz colleagues understand the need to step up their actions in all these areas,” Lavrov asserted, adding “this applies to criminal manifestations against our tourists and the property of Russian citizens” in Abkhazia.

According to Lavrov, Ardzinba assured the Russian side that Abkhaz leadership “will do everything so that all these issues are closed.”

The Russian FM further recalled the case of a Russian entrepreneur “hanging since 2016,” whose business faced raider seizure. “Our repeated appeals to the relevant authorities of Abkhazia have yielded results. The other day, a court session took place, which made a positive decision on compensation.”

Lavrov said he “emphasized it to our Abkhaz friends that the attractiveness of the Abkhaz market for Russian investments directly depends on how this kind of things are considered and regulated.”

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