Georgia Launches COVID Green Pass System

Starting today, Georgia’s system of COVID-19 “green passes,” required for entering public spaces, has come into force. Restaurants, bars and food facilities are now also allowed to operate past 23:00.

Individuals receive a “green status” if they are fully vaccinated, have recovered from COVID, or have taken a PCR test within the last 72 hours, or an antigen test within 24 hours.

The “green passes” are required for adults, 18 years and over, to enter both open-air or indoor spaces of food establishments, restaurants, cafes, bars as well as movie theaters, opera, museums, concert halls, gambling halls, spa centers, gyms, hotels and ski lifts.

With the new system launched, Georgia has also lifted the months-long restriction on restaurants, bars and food facilities, allowing them to operate past 23:00. The authorities had previously eased the curb on October 5, when they allowed the establishments to operate until 23:00 instead of 22:00.

Individuals can obtain a physical “green pass” at the public service hall, or by registering on one of Georgia’s two mobile applications – Georgia e-Health and CovidPass Georgia. The former issues a pass in line with the EU Digital Covid Certificate requirements for travel abroad, while the latter issues a certificate meeting domestic rules.

While the EU Digital Covid Certificate rules only exempt individuals recovered from COVID from restrictions during the first 180 days after testing negative, Georgia’s certificate for domestic use exempts people cured of COVID permanently. The latter applies to both Georgian and foreign nationals in the country.

Explaining the controversial decision to introduce the two different passes, Health Minister Ekaterina Tikaradze raised eyebrows on November 25 by arguing “special Georgian genetics” were responsible for the decision to do so.

As of December 1, Georgia has recorded a total of 850,102 COVID cases, 792,158 recoveries and 12,119 fatalities since the onset of the pandemic in 2020. Today, the authorities reported 4,459 new cases, 3,957 more recoveries and 65 fatalities.

In the country, 1,165,835 people have received at least one jab of the COVID vaccine, among them 1,001,801 persons have been fully vaccinated.

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