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CoE Again Urges Russia to Pay Georgian Deportation Victims

The Council of Europe Committee of Ministers have urged Russian authorities once again to rapidly finalize the necessary internal arrangements to pay Georgian deportation victims, recalling Russia had confirmed to use the CoE as an intermediary for the just satisfaction payment together with the default interest accrued.

The CoE Ministers’ Deputies adopted the relevant decision during the 1411th meeting held on September 14-16.

Deputies stressed that delay in unconditional obligation to pay the just satisfaction deprives the individual victims of the violations from receiving compensation for the damages suffered by them, and underlined the need to reach the concrete results. The deadline for Russia to pay expired on 30 April 2019.

Deputies decided to resume consideration of the case at their 1416th meeting (November 3) and, in the absence of concrete progress by then, instructed the Secretariat to prepare a draft interim resolution to be considered for adoption at their 1419th meeting (November 30 – December 2).

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