PM Warns ‘Zero Compromises’ After Elections

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili warned today there will be “zero compromises on any attempts at provocation” following the October 2 local polls, addressing the public during the presentation of the ruling Georgian Dream party’s Kaspi municipality mayoral candidate Vakhtang Maisuradze.

“The elections will conclude and everyone will get an appropriate response – every conspirator, every traitor and every enemy of our country,” stressed the Georgian PM after he leveled criticisms at the United National Movement, the largest opposition party and the GD’s arch-rival.

PM Garibashvili said the previous, UNM administration, “distinguished itself by oppressing, torturing and raping people, terrorizing businesses. … And most importantly, by handing over 20% of our country to the occupiers.”

Alluding to the 2008 Russo-Georgian war, the PM went on to accuse the UNM of “handing over Kodori Valley, Tskhinvali Region, our ancient villages” to the Russian occupying forces.

He said voting for “such a power” today means “being complicit in this great betrayal and great conspiracy.”

Acknowledging poverty in the country, the PM noted the Georgian Dream government is not “infallible” and “ideal,” but argued it is “the most humane during the past 30 years.” He said there is still “tangible progress” in all areas – infrastructure, agriculture, healthcare, economy and education.

But, decrying “information and psychological war” against the Georgian people, PM Garibashvili claimed that with the UNM’s “propaganda” development, progress, peace and stability are being portrayed “like an apocalypse” in the country.

The Prime Minister said “people will give a dignified response to the conspiracy against the state and the [Orthodox] Church,” and the Georgian Dream “will win in every city and municipality” in the local polls.

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