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Second Opposition Parliamentary Faction Established

Eight opposition lawmakers established today the Group for Charles Michel’s Reforms faction, the opposition’s second in the Parliament.

The faction is chaired by Khatuna Samnidze of the Republican Party, with Strategy Aghmashenebeli’s Paata Manjgaladze serving as the deputy chair. Other members include MPs Giorgi Vashadze and Teona Akubardia of the Strategy Aghmashenebeli, Zurab Japaridze of Girchi – More Freedom, Tariel Nakaidze, formerly of European Georgia and Grigol Vashadze, former chair of the United National Movement.

Presenting the group, MP Samnidze named implementing the EU-brokered April 19 agreement as one of the key objectives of the faction. “We will work towards fulfilling every point of the agreement,” she stressed.

Strategy Aghmashenebeli leader Giorgi Vashadze noted that uniting under the faction allows lawmakers to work “more efficiently” in the legislature. Meanwhile, MP Manjgaladze vowed that the faction will present a new legislative initiative every week.

According to the Parliament’s Rules of Procedure, currently, seven lawmakers are required to form a faction, however, the number is set to drop to four MPs shortly, as indicated in the EU-mediated agreement

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