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Glovo Delivery Couriers Strike Ends ‘Without Results’

Barcelona-based Glovo food delivery company announced on May 18 that it came to an agreement with some 200 couriers in Tbilisi, who were on a strike and rallying since May 16 over a recent change in wage policy they argued would reduce their earnings.

The strike apparently ended without results, as the company did not revert the changes, arguing they provide more flexible and fair terms for the couriers. During a negotiation with the delivery drivers Glovo also offered to keep the new policy in place for a year, one courier said. According to media reports, the couriers were initially split on agreeing to the terms, as they could benefit the part-time delivery drivers, however, diminish the earnings of those working full-time.

After those who came to agree with the company decided to resume working, one courier told the media those opposing the terms chose to concede, because the company could “easily replace” the protesting couriers by hiring new delivery drivers.

Glovo also decided to reinstate “part” of the 50 couriers it had sacked, accused of disrupting deliveries by accepting orders without completing them during a protest rally on May 16. Overall, during the three-day strike the company faced several periods of downtime.

The changes which prompted the strike reduced working hours from 12 to 10, and swapped the bonus mechanism based on the number of weekly deliveries into an hourly system. Glovo also decided to no longer pay for traveling to reach the food facilities, compensating only the distance from the pick-up spot to the delivery location. But base compensation per delivery and the per-kilometer wage increased by GEL 0.30 to 2.3 (USD 0.68) and GEL 0.10 to 0.50 (USD 0.15), respectively.

Before taking to the streets the couriers reportedly held consultations with the company administration in an unsuccessful attempt to resolve the issue.

Glovo couriers were also on strike in late January, protesting cut wages and demanding better conditions, resulting in the company partially agreeing to the demands. Earlier in March, couriers of Tallinn-based food delivery Bolt Food protested lowered wages and alleged baseless sacking of personnel, though failed to yield a compromise from the firm.

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