Tskhinvali ‘Prosecutor’ Blackmails MPs after Resignation Demands

Jagaev lists earlier sins of S. Ossetian 'lawmakers'

Uruzmag Jagaev, ‘prosecutor general’ of the Russian-backed Tskhinvali region/South Ossetia, presented conditions for his quitting on September 1, in response to the resignation demands from the local lawmakers.

Earlier on September 1, 17 South Ossetian ‘lawmakers’ have reportedly suspended their mandates, vowing not returning to their duties unless Tskhinvali leader Anatoly Bibilov dismisses Jagaev.

Jagaev said he would only step down after certain ‘MPs’, who have been giving public speeches during the recent Tskhinvali rallies that demanded his resignation, give up their immunity and mandates and appear before the court.

Jagaev, claiming that there were criminal ‘files’ on them in the ‘prosecutor’s office,’ went on listing earlier sins of the ‘legislators’ in detail:

Aleksandr Pliyev, incumbent ‘vice-speaker’, had allegedly issued a false death certificate to a criminal who was wanted for homicide back in 2005.

Dzambulat Medoev, Jagaev said, was involved in the concealment of a crime, allegedly helping persons wanted for serious and particularly serious crimes avoid prosecution.

Kompromats were also available against the brother of ‘MP’ Alan Gagloev, leader of the “Nykhas” party, in relation to a criminal case initiated following the discovery of human remains belonging to three persons in a village near Tskhinvali this summer.

‘Deputy’ David Sanakoev seemingly faces less harsh consequences as his files only contain defamation claims for some of his public addresses.

Calls for Jagaev to step down intensified following the death of Inal Jabiev, a 28-year-old Tskhinvali resident, detained on attempted murder of the occupied region’s then interior minister Igor Naniev.

Jabiev died on August 28 allegedly after severe beatings in the detention facility. The incident sparked protests leading to the dismissal of ‘the government’ by Anatoly Bibilov.

The protests continued in Tskhinvali through Monday, August 31, calling on Bibilov and Jagaev to resign.

Earlier, during an extraordinary session on August 29, South Ossetian ‘lawmakers’ drafted a request to Bibilov asking for the resignation of the ‘prosecutor general’. The request was signed by 25 out of the 27 ‘deputies’ who were present during the session.

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