61 Civil Servants to Leave President’s Administration – Reports

President’s administration said 61 employees will be made redundant as a part of an ongoing reorganization, Georgian media reported on February 15. The report says the qualification criteria were re-assessed, and the employees passed tests and interviews during in December 2018-January 2019.

President’s administration explained that only 37 employees from the previous composition of were retained, after passing all necessary qualification requirements. 11 employees are on their maternity leave and thus preserve their positions by law.

The 61 persons will now have to be either re-assigned by the Civil Service Bureau to the positions commensurate to their grade, or will receive one-time compensations, should they decide to quit the civil service. The remaining vacancies will be advertised for competition among civil servants.

These procedures were put in place with the Law on Civil Service that entered into force last year.

The plans on staff cuts were first announced in early December, 2018 after the new budget reduced funding for the President’s administration by GEL 3.8 million and decreasing its staff from 140 to 60. These changes to the budget were made between the first and the second rounds of the Presidential elections.

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