MoD ‘Concerned and Surprised’ by Saakashvili’s Remarks on Defensive Fortifications

Outgoing president Saakashvili’s remarks made on October 23 about defensive fortifications around Tbilisi “harms Georgia’s defensive capabilities,” the Ministry of Defense said on Thursday.

Standing in southern outskirts of Tbilisi on October 23 in front of a long wide ditch, President Saakashvili criticized the government for what he said was suspended construction of defensive fortifications around the capital city.

In a written statement MoD expressed “concern” and “surprise” over Saakashvili’s remarks, saying that spreading information about the location and type of defensive facilities is “dangerous for the security of the county.”

“Ministry of Defence addresses the administrations of National Security Council and the President of Georgia to show more caution when releasing information containing state secrecy.”

“The statement made by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief President of Georgia on 23 October harms defensive capabilities of Georgia. Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces are capable to defend the country and to adequately respond to the security challenges,” MoD said.

While making remarks in question, President Saakashvili also said: “It is no longer a secret as Russians already know about it.”

Saakashvili again raised the issue in his speech with a group of students on October 24 and said: “It’s no longer a secret as it [the trench] runs next to the main highway.”

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