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PM Kobakhidze Talks “Strategic Patience” Policy, EU Integration During Georgia’s Independence Day Event in Berlin

An event dedicated to the celebration of Georgia’s Independence Day was held in Berlin, Germany on June 21. The event was attended by representatives of the Georgian government, ambassadors of Georgia in various countries, representatives of the Georgian diaspora and German guests. The Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Kobakhidze, hosted the event and made a speech, in which he said “our main dream is the unification of our country” through “strategic patience” and noted: “We also have a very important national task, which is to join the European Union.”

The event followed the Ambassadorial Conference held on June 20 in Berlin, Germany, which is currently hosting the EURO-24 football championship. The Ambassadorial was attended by the Georgian ambassadors to the United States and European countries, as well as the permanent representatives of Georgia to the European Union, NATO and other international organizations.

The Prime Minister recalled the struggle for freedom that Georgians had to go through 33 years ago and the hardships Georgians had to endure during their development as a sovereign country, including the four wars they had to endure. In this regard, Prime Minister Kobakhidze emphasized: “It should be noted that the support of the German state and people to Georgia has been very special. Since the 80’s we have felt this support and help from Germany, and after Georgia regained its state independence, we felt the benefits of this support even more intensely. Since the 90’s, Germany has made a special contribution to the development and establishment of the Georgian statehood, and once again we thank the German people [for it].”

He emphasized that the last four years have been very hard for the development of Georgia’s statehood: “In the course of these four years, we felt even more strongly how important peace is and how important state independence and state sovereignty are.” During these four years, he said, “we went through a number of difficult battles to maintain peace and strengthen our state independence, our sovereignty, and this battle was ultimately very successful.” PM said: “We have our dreams, and the main dream is, of course, the integration of our country, the unification of our country, and in this sense it is symbolic that we are talking about this topic in Germany,” adding that Germany is a symbol of how, with patience a country can achieve unification.

“We also have a policy of strategic patience and we are sure that with our policy it will eventually be possible to realize the dream of Georgia, the dream of Georgians, and Georgia will be a unified and whole state,”- Kobakhidze said.

PM spoke of the EU integration: “We also have a very important national task, which is to join the European Union. We have an ambitious goal for Georgia to become a member of the European Union by 2030.”

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