President Vetoes Foreign Agents’ Law

President Salome Zurabishvili said on May 18 that she had vetoed the law on foreign agents. She said that this law “in its essence and spirit is a Russian law that contradicts our Constitution and all European standards, and therefore it’s an obstacle to our European path.

“This veto is legally sound and will be submitted to the Parliament today,” the President said.

She added: “This law cannot be improved and embellished, and it’s a very simple veto: this law must be withdrawn”.

The move comes earlier than expected and before the president’s two-week veto deadline. She has said on several occasions that she is “not going to enter into games” with the Georgian Dream over the Foreign Agents law and that any attempts to embellish it are futile.

The majority needs 76 votes and controls 84 MPs. The parliamentary spring session will go into recess on June 28 till September. The key question now is whether GD will decide to overcome the veto or shelve the law till September.

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