Popular Protests Against Agents Law Continue for Eighth Day in a Row

Popular protests against the Foreign Agents Law continue for the eighth day in a row as an unexpectedly large number of citizens of all generations, but mostly youth and students, gathered near the Parliament on April 22, once again blocking Rustaveli Avenue.

Protesters in front of the parliament building on the blocked Rustaveli Ave. Photo: Nini Gabritchidze/

During the march, the protesters arrived at the Tiflis Palace Hotel, where, according to reports, the FSB members of the Russian National Institute for Communication Development (NIIRK) co-organized a conference on traditional values on the same day. In protest, the demonstrators threw eggs at the hotel. They then marched back to the Parliament.

From the Parliament, the protesters went to the office of the ruling Georgian Dream party.

Protesters heading towards the GD office; Photo: Nini Gabritchidze/

Heavy police were mobilized near the GD office as the protesters approached the site. They booed Bidzina Ivanishvili, the founder and honorary chairman of Georgian Dream. They chanted: “No to Russian law,” “Where are we going? To Europe!” “One for all, all for one. Power is in unity”…

The Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs issued a statement urging the participants of the protest to stay within the legal limits of freedom of assembly and expression. “Any violation of the law will be immediately prevented by the police,” the MIA said.

Police near the GD office; Photo: Nini Gabritchidze/

From the GD office, protesters returned to the Parliament building.

Today’s rally ended around midnight. “No to the Russian dream,” protesters wrote in spray paint on Rustaveli Avenue, in front of the Parliament.

The next protest is scheduled for tomorrow evening, April 23.

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