Youth Rally, Swear a Solemn Oath to Defend the European Choice

Georgian youth rallied for the second day in protest of the foreign influence law and in defense of the country’s European choice. The event was coordinated by two main groups, Dafioni and Talga, as well as other small groupings.

With an impressive turnout and a show of determination, youths gathered on Rustaveli Avenue and marched towards Liberty Square, down to the Justice House, onwards to the right embankment of Mtkvari River, and onto the Heroes Square. Even though traffic was blocked in the whole downtown area, the marchers were greeted amicably by Tbilisites.

Youths swear an oath at the fallen soldiers’ memorial. Photo: Telegram

On Heroes Square, the youths made a solemn oath at the monument of the fallen soldiers, where the eternal flame burns. They pledged to defend the nation and never ally with the country’s enemies. The march then returned to Rustaveli Avenue, where a repeated pledge was made to protect Georgia and its independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.

“We citizens of Georgia, Georgian patriots, have gathered here at the Memorial of Heroes, to pay respect to their memory and swear an oath overseen by their spirits.

We swear never to let go of the freedom they won with their lives.

We swear never to be coopted by the force that tries to transfer our country to our enemy, Russia.

We will stand by each other, and we will defend Georgia’s statehood. Our language, our fatherland, our unity.

We swear, we swear, we swear. Long live independent Georgia.”

The marchers chanted “Yes to Europe! No to Russian Law!”, “No to Russian Law and no to Georgian Dream,” “Forward to Europe!”

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