Six Opposition Parties Pledge Coordination against “Russian Law”

On April 18, six opposition parties – Ahali, Girchi-More Freedom, Droa, United National Movement, Lelo for Georgia, and Strategy Aghmashenebeliissued a joint statement announcing “full mobilization and coordination for the second hearing date of the law, to do everything possible, together with our people, to ensure that the Russian law fails.”

According to the parties, despite the fact that the ruling Georgian Dream party pushed the bill in the first hearing, “the main battle lies ahead. We, the pro-Western and democratic political parties of Georgia realize the importance of joint effort in this struggle…”

The parties note that “in recent days, we once again saw a fully united Georgian nation, confident in its own choice, filled with the spirit of fighting for freedom, and the whole civilized world standing by our side.”

The statement says that “a frightened Russian oligarch, Bidzina Ivanishvili… is trying to kill the European future of Georgia” but has met the resistance of strong and united Georgian society.

The statement reads: “The Russian law initiated by the “Georgian Dream” contradicts the Constitution of Georgia, the will of the Georgian people to become a full member of the European Union and NATO, and the long-term goal of ensuring the sovereignty of our country.”

“The Georgian people were, are and will be the main guarantor of European and Euro-Atlantic future of our country and any attempt against this choice is doomed to inevitable collapse,” the statement reads. It It concludes: “Yes to Europe, No to the Russian Law, No to the Russian Government.”

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