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Russian MFA on the Alleged Transfer of Bombs from Ukraine to Russia via Georgia

On February 7, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova commented at the press conference on the Georgian State Security Service’s statement about the alleged transfer of explosives from Ukraine to Russia via Georgia. She blamed Ukraine and added that “unfortunately, this is not the first time that Georgia and its territory (then it was also people) are being used literally by all those who want to destabilize the situation in the post-Soviet space and resort to terrorist methods.”

Zakharova claimed that “this is another episode demonstrating the true essence of the Kyiv regime,” which, according to her, is a Western-encouraged “gang” that feels impunity and “continues to carry out the practice of terror…” primarily against Russian civilian targets.

She added: “I recall the rampant international terrorism in the North Caucasus, when it was through the territory of Georgia that international terrorists smuggled or tried to smuggle (sometimes succeeded, sometimes this was intercepted) weapons, ammunition, money and drugs, without which terrorism then and now, as exemplified by the Kyiv regime, is no longer “complete” in its characteristics.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson said she also “remembered those who were behind the transfer of international terrorists” to Russia, claiming that “those who welcomed these same militants and extremists in Washington and London did everything to turn Georgia into a transit point for international terrorism.”

The State Security Service of Georgia (SSSG) announced on February 5 that it had seized special explosive devices and a large amount of explosive substances as a result of operational search and investigation activities. The SSSG said that the explosives were shipped from the Ukrainian city of Odessa, then they were transported through Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey and were brought into Georgia on January 19. They were transported in car with Ukrainian license plates and were to be transferred in Russia, specifically in the city of Voronezh via the Dariali border crossing.

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