More than 9000 Georgians Sought Asylum in Germany in 2023

According to the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees of Germany, 9,399 Georgian citizens applied for asylum in Germany in 2023 of which only 0.3% were approved.

In total, Germany received 351,915 asylum applications in 2023, an increase of 51.1 percent compared to 2022. Most asylum seekers came from Syria (104,561), Turkey (62,624), Afghanistan (53,582), Iraq (12,360) and Iran (10,206). Georgia ranks sixth on the list.

On August 30, Germany’s coalition government approved a bill by Interior Minister Nancy Feaser to list Georgia and Moldova as safe countries of origin. The move aimed at speeding up the processing of asylum applications and facilitating faster deportations for those who are rejected.

On December 18, the German Minister of Interior and Community, Nancy Feaser visited Georgia. During her visit, she met with the Georgian Minister of Interior, Vakhtang Gomelauri, and signed an Agreement on Migration and Mobility. According to the Georgian MIA, the agreement aims to bolster collaboration between Georgia and the Federal Republic of Germany in the field of labor migration and education, with an emphasis on enhancing educational and internship for Georgian students and researchers. It also aims to intensify efforts against illegal migration, which includes strengthening cooperation on the readmission and reintegration of Georgian citizens of who have violated visa-free travel regulations. 

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