Six Ukrainians Stranded at Russo-Georgian Border

Six Ukrainian citizens have been stranded at the Georgian-Russian Zemo Larsi (Upper Larsi) border checkpoint for a week as Georgia refuses entry, and they fear returning to Russia, according to “Novaya Gazeta – Europe.”

On the night of August 16-17, the six were reportedly denied entry by the Georgian border guards while trying to transit through Georgia. Five are former prisoners from the Kherson region who were transferred to Russia after the occupation by the Russian security forces while serving their sentences. Another is a Ukrainian who was held in a Russian filtration camp but has since been released and is trying to leave the country. One of them, an HIV-positive man, has reportedly been without medication for four days.

According to the Georgian Foreign Ministry’s information provided to, this is “another groundless accusation” against the authorities, stating that the Georgian side “immediately” held a meeting with the temporary representative for Ukrainian affairs in Georgia and offered assistance to the Ukrainian diplomatic mission in transferring citizens to Ukraine.

According to the same information, the temporary representative of Ukraine noted that the persons (stranded at the Georgian-Russian border) have internal Ukrainian passports, although “it is necessary to identify them and obtain permits from the relevant authorities of Ukraine, which requires additional time”.

The diplomat also said that he would inform the capital of this fact and wait for their instructions.

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