Russian Anti-Putin Publicist Denied Entry to Georgia

Renowned Russian journalist, writer, and satirist Viktor Shenderovich was denied entry to Georgia yesterday. Shenderovich himself wrote about this on Facebook, adding that his planned events in Batumi and Tbilisi will no longer take place.

Shenderovich, known for his outspoken criticism of the Kremlin and opposition to the Russia-Ukraine war, was traveling to Tbilisi from Tel Aviv on an Israeli passport when he was unexpectedly turned away without any explanation.

“The holiday was postponed by the anonymous group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia. They protected Georgia from me. By all means,” he noted, adding, “Under Ivanishvili’s conditions, I can’t risk calling Georgia Putin’s province, but work is being done in that direction, isn’t it?”

Shenderovich also emphasized that in 2006, during “shameful” anti-Georgian campaign, she appeared with hundreds of other citizens at a protest rally in Moscow’s Pushkin Square with a badge that read “I am Georgian.” “As it is clear from my deportation from Tbilisi, I am not Georgian enough.”

On June 2 his performance “One Shenderovich Theatre” was to take place in Tbilisi, and on June 4 he was to take part in the event “Messages and Dialogues” in Batumi.

Notably, Shenderovich is an active member of the Anti-War Committee in Russia and has been an outspoken critic of the Kremlin’s actions, particularly regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. His unwavering opposition to the war has drawn attention and acclaim from many. However, in December 2021, the Russian Ministry of Justice labeled Shenderovich as a “foreign agent,” prompting him to leave the country in January 2022.

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