U.S. Ambassador Degnan’s Remarks on U.S. Independence Day

U.S. Ambassador Kelly Degnan delivered a speech on U.S. Independence Day, highlighting the strong partnership between the United States and Georgia.

She emphasized the shared experience of Americans, Georgians, and Ukrainians in fighting for independence and defending freedom against “aggressive, imperialistic” powers like Russia.

Ambassador Degnan emphasized the importance of remembering history, particularly Russia’s attempts to undermine Georgia’s language, culture, and independence, and quoted Noe Zhordania’s words, “What do we have to offer the cultural treasure of European nations? The 2,000-year-old national culture, the democratic system and the natural wealth” of Georgia.

Sanctions officials’ visit

Speaking to reporters about the sanctions coordinators’ visit to Georgia, Degnan emphasized that the message was gratitude for the partnership and cooperation to date and a call to remain vigilant as Russia seeks alternative methods to evade sanctions and export controls.

Attacks on critics

Responding to a query about recent attacks on the ruling party opponents, Ambassador Degnan said that violence against those who are critical of the ruling party is unacceptable and emphasized that when the party chairman makes accusations, it is necessary for him to identify the individuals involved. Without such clarification, it could lead to the spread of rumors and conspiracy theories aimed at confusing the public, adding, “What is important here is that this violence seems to be a trend, and I think that’s very dangerous and worrisome for Georgians who have experienced that kind of seemingly coordinated violence in the past” and “There need to be consequences so that society sees that this kind of violence will not be tolerated in their society.”

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