Georgian National Platform is Ready to Participate in Legitimate Parliamentary Formats to Implement EU Conditions

The Georgian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF GNP) has expressed its readiness to participate in legitimate parliamentary formats to implement the European Union’s 12-point plan to obtain EU Candidate’s status.

The statement expressed concern about the recent escalation of political polarization, in particular the Prime Minister’s references to civil society as “agents of influence” and “representatives of a fifth column”. The GPN warned that such rhetoric could be interpreted as a signal of impending repression, which in turn could lead to civil conflict and hinder Georgia’s integration into Europe.

“Despite the divisive positions held by various high-level actors that undermine democratic values and European integration”, the GNP reiterates its readiness to participate in established and legitimate parliamentary platforms to implement the 12-point plan. The organization cited the recommendations of the Venice Commission on the proposed legislation on judicial reform and de-oligarchization as crucial for securing Georgia’s candidacy status with the EU.

EaP CSF GNP aims to strengthen civil society participation in Georgia’s European integration processes and to promote democratic values. Only members of the GNP were included in the parliamentary working groups set up to implement the EU’s 12 points. The platform proposed that the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED), one of the most influential civil society organizations working on election issues, participate in the working group on electoral reform. However, the ruling party rejected this proposal, which led other CSOs supporting ISFED to suspend their work with the working groups and be absent from the process.

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