Georgian Politicians Respond to the Debate on Georgia in the European Parliament

On March 12, the European Parliament held a debate on Georgia in which MEPs strongly criticized the “Georgian Dream” government. MEPs also expressed their unwavering support and solidarity with the European aspirations of the Georgian people. The debate resulted in a variety of assessments of Georgian politicians. offers the positions of the parties on the issue:

Georgian Dream

Shalva Papuashvili, Chair of the parliament: “We’ve witnessed some concerning approaches. The effort to create a rift between the people and their democratically elected government is a dangerous propaganda tactic. Russia used similar tactics against Ukraine, attempting to divide the Ukrainian people from their government by stating that the people are good, but the government is not. Unfortunately, in some of these speeches, we heard this rhetoric to separate the people and the government they elected, as if the people deserve something and the government does not. This is a common Russian propaganda narrative”.

Mamuka Mdinaradze – Chair of the “Georgian Dream” faction: “It is difficult to listen to the words of the ‘National Movement’ lobbyists, a group of only a few dozen people who have been involved in actions harmful to Georgia not only recently, but since 2012. The same people, with the same first and last names, continue to lobby against the betterment of Georgia. They are allied with a party that seeks to discredit the Georgian government at every turn, and they attach the label all their efforts as pro-Russian.”

Givi Mikanadze – Deputy Chairman of the “Georgian Dream” faction: “The statements of the members of the European Parliament are, of course, one-sided. They are mainly people who have a certain commitment to Mikheil Saakashvili, they represent his side. They are not neutral, they are subjective, his associates and his direct lobbyists”.


Bacho Dolidze of the United National Movement party said: “To put everything aside, their [Georgian Dream’s] partners, the ‘social democrats,’ are criticizing them for the steps the government has taken recently… The rhetoric from the European Parliament regarding Saakashvili was important. Everyone is calling on the government to take a civil step and not to carry out the political vendetta that it has been carrying out for so long”.

Beka Liluashvili of the “For Georgia” party said: “We received some harsh messages, including direct criticism of Georgia’s recent steps towards democratization and its alleged links with Russian interests, Putin and the Kremlin. These political assessments were voiced in the European Parliament and I was deeply disappointed. Following the discussion on Georgia, the issue of Moldova was also raised, and despite the challenges facing Moldova, it was clear that the Moldovan authorities are actively working towards European integration”.

Ana Natsvlishvili – “Lelo for Georgia”: “There were statements of support for the citizens of Georgia who, despite the violence, on March 7 and 8, with their bare hands and unity, pushed for the European future of this country. As for the government, we only heard criticism towards the government, including from representatives of the party to which Georgian Dream belongs. Their colleagues from the European family [of parties] openly criticize the Georgian Dream, which tries to steal the European future, and its policy.”

Teona Akubardia: “Reform Group”: “The debate of the European parliamentarians showed once again that the law [on “foreign agents”] was Russian and served Russia’s interests. It would have separated Georgia from the European future… It was noted once again that the implementation of the 12 recommendations is an opportunity to grant candidate status to Georgia, not to the “Georgian Dream”.

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