Mestia City Hall Calls for Economical Use of Electricity

After the energy supply was cut off due to the “critically” elevated rate of electricity consumption, on January 11 the City Hall of Mestia Municipality urged the populace to use electricity carefully.

According to the City Hall, the energy grid was shut off because “all resources have been exhausted.” In order “not to create a delay and automatic disconnection” while the process of restoring the energy supply was underway, the municipality instructed people to disconnect all electrical devices from the power source, including “miners,” refrigerators, electric heaters, and other appliances.

The Mestia Municipality City Hall stated that “the situation is extremely serious” and added, “it is necessary for each of us, within the limits of our abilities, to make economical use of power and plug in only those appliances that are extremely important”.

In Mestia, where people enjoy free energy, supply problems have existed for the past few years. One of the main causes of the issue, as stated by the City Hall of Mestia Municipality, is the rise in the number of cryptocurrency-generating equipment, or “miners.” The City Hall said two years ago that there are frequent power shortages because transmission cables are unable to handle four times the anticipated load.

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