CoE Committee of Ministers Urges Russia to Implement Rulings on Georgia

In its decision on the execution of the Georgia v. Russia (I) and Georgia v. Russia (II) judgments, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe recalled that despite quitting the CoE, Russia is still required to implement the rulings in both cases.

At the meeting held on 6-8 December, the CoE Deputy Ministers “deeply deplored the absence of a response by the Russian authorities again” to implement the Georgia v. Russia (I) judgment concerning the arrest, detention, and collective expulsion of Georgian nationals in 2006-2007, and “strongly exhorted” Russian authorities to pay the “long-overdue just satisfaction.”

In line with that ruling, they “deeply deplored” the absence of information from Russia regarding its unconditional obligation to pay the just satisfaction awarded by the Court to 1,500 Georgian deportation victims.

Noting that payment has not been made despite over three years passing since the deadline, the Committee of Ministers revealed that they would create and publish a register of just satisfaction owing in all inter-state cases against the Russian Federation and keep it regularly updated so that both the accrued interest and sums “remain under close public scrutiny.”

Regarding Georgia v. Russia (II), the CoE Deputy Ministers urged the Russian authorities to submit to them a plan for executing the judgment and to investigate the severe crimes committed during the active phase of hostilities as well as during the period of occupation.

In that context, they also reiterated “profound concern” about the inability of Georgian nationals to return to their homes in occupied Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region/South Ossetia, as well as its insistence for Russia to ensure the safe return of those who wish to do so.

The Committee of Ministers will restart the examination of the execution of both cases in March 2023.

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