Parliament Approves Changes to Law on Special Investigation Service

On 30 November, the Parliament of Georgia approved the draft amendments to the law on the Special Investigation Service (SIS) with 80 votes to 1.

According to the changes, which were prepared by the Legal Issues Committee in response to the European Commission’s 12 recommendations, the investigative powers of the SIS have been expanded. In particular, if the European Court on Human Rights (ECtHR) establishes a violation of any of the rights outlined by the European Convention of Human Rights, the investigation will be handled by the SIS instead of the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia.

In addition, the SIS will be in charge of investigating crimes that will be revealed in the process of investigating instances of improper treatment by law enforcement, such as the destruction of evidence, illegal detention, abuse of authority, and official fraud.

Additionally, election-related violent crimes will also be investigated by the SIS, so long as the crime is committed by law enforcement.

Also, in line with the amendments, in order to increase the effectiveness of the SIS’ activities, including for the purpose of legislative changes, the head of the Service will have the authority to request the appointment of a committee hearing.

The SIS welcomed the amendments, which the Service itself participated in preparing. It noted that with the changes the “authority of the independent investigative mechanism increases,” and expressed its willingness to cooperate in the future to “ensure the further strengthening and independence” of the SIS.

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