SSG Detains Individuals Conspiring to Kill Israeli Citizen in Georgia

The State Security Service of Georgia (SSG) announced on 15 November that they have arrested several individuals holding Pakistani and Iran-Georgian dual citizenship, for attempting to kill an Israeli citizen in Georgia. The SSG has also identified the alleged organizers of the crime, as well as the person who ordered the murder, an Iranian citizen, and other individuals.

According to the SSG, as part of the arrests, law enforcement officers seized firearms and ammunition, as well as conspiratorial phones, in which “the preparation of the murder and the location of hiding places, as well as other revealing evidence, was found.”

They noted in accordance with the findings of the investigation that a criminal group sent one of its members, a Pakistani citizen, to Georgia via a third country to kill the Israeli in question. The group also arranged the necessary connections and rented an apartment for the Pakistani citizen.

In addition, according to the SSG, the plot included a group of Iranian-Georgian dual citizens living in Georgia, who agreed to provide the weapons.

In order to cover their tracks, the members of the group did not meet the Pakistani citizen face-to-face and supplied him with weapons and ammunition through secret drop points arranged in the city, with both sides carrying out orders given from abroad.

Per the SSG, the Pakistani citizen strictly followed his instructions and was spying on the Israeli citizen and studying his movements. In addition, he was in “constant contact” with the client and received instructions, as well as funds, from him.

The SSG investigation to reveal and identify other individuals connected with the plot remains ongoing.

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