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“Georgian Dream” Loses Parliamentary Majority

The Georgian Dream party formally lost its sole hold on the Parliamentary majority on 4 October, after five MPs left the party to join the anti-Western public movement People Power. The Georgian Dream faction is now left with 75 MPs in a 150-seat Parliament.

According to the rules of procedure, Article 56.3, if the majority no longer has 76 MPs, the majority faction is formally dissolved. However, if the quitting deputies are not joining the opposition, the new list of the majority shall be submitted to the Parliamentary Bureau for registration.

MP Sozar Subari, of the anti-Western public movement People Powerled a briefing today alongside his colleagues, to announce the departing five MPs. MP Subari and four of his colleagues formally split from the ruling party in June and later formed the public movement in July. However, GD and People Power confirm, that the new grouping still supports the majority.

People Power in power-sharing

Speaking at the press conference today, MP Sozar Subari, mentioned on behalf of the People Power, that they will continue to sit with the majority, made up primarily of the Georgian Dream. 

The Georgian Dream Chairperson Irakli Kobakhidze confirmed today that while there is a “tactical disagreement regarding how much truth should be told on certain issues” between GD and People Power, “there is no significant difference between us” on core values,  “which allows us to remain together in the Parliamentary majority.”

MP Kobakhidze underscored that the two political entities have a “common position”. In particular, they will jointly support the government decisions concerning the European Commission’s 12 recommendations.

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