Five More MPs Join Ruling Majority’s Anti-Western Flank

MP Sozar Subari, of the anti-Western public movement People Power, led a briefing today alongside his colleagues, to announce that five more MPs from the ruling Georgian Dream would join their ranks. MP Subari and four of his colleagues formally split from the ruling party in June, but both GD and People Power confirm, that the new grouping still supports the majority.

The new MPs joining the movement are: Viktor Japaridze, David Kacharava, Eka Sepashvili, Irakli (Dachi) Beraia, and Zaal Mikeladze.

As a result, the People Power’s Parliamentary grouping would increase to nine members, and – MP Subari announced – will officially register as a political grouping, making it “the third largest political group” in the legislature.

People Power won’t be able to form the parliamentary faction, which would have given them certain speaking privileges and a seat on parliamentary committees. The rules of parliamentary procedure specify, that even though seven MPs are sufficient for constituting a faction, MPs elected from the same party may only form one faction.

Apart from the MPs, People Power announced that a group of anchors and pundits from the pro-government POS TV – Tamta Megrelishvili, Zurab Kadagidze, Davit Kartvelishvili, Tamar Chiburdanidze, Nukri Shoshiashvili, Otar Chulukhadze, Nika Kobuladze, and Ioane Shaishmelashvili – have joined the movement as well. It also became known that 52% of POS TV shares were acquired by MP Japaridze, the newly minted member of People Power, which, Subari said would “help us bring the message to society even more widely.”

Subari emphasized that the group is “working very actively to strengthen the regional representation of our movement” and denoted that their “goal is for [people] from all municipalities to join the public movement.”

Sovereignist platform

Ending by repeating a familiar line of the movement, Subari stressed, “in today’s most difficult environment, the only way to successfully keep Georgia secure and avoid threats to the country is to equip society with the truth. We believe that nothing can stand against the power of the people equipped with the truth in protecting the country’s interests.”

MP Subari said when they founded the movement that it would “fight for answers to many public policy questions which often have not been answered before, [and will] do everything to protect Georgia from the danger of war, and ensure that Georgia’s European path and integration is irreversible.”

Challenged by a journalist that their movement was peddling anti-Western rhetoric, Subari retorted: “it is anti-Western to hide the truth from society, it is anti-Western to stick labels without any foundation, and to work against the interest of your country and your motherland.”


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