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Georgia’s Defense Chief Attends Ukraine Defense Contact Group Meeting

Georgian Defense Minister Juansher Burchuladze participated in a meeting of the U.S.-led Ukraine Defense Contact Group, hosted by U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milly, on 8 September.

During his address at the meeting, U.S. Secretary of Defense Austin emphasized, “We’re here because we refuse to live in a world where big powers trample borders by force. Our support for Ukraine’s bedrock right to defend itself doesn’t waver based on any given clash.”

Per the Ministry of Defense, this is the second time that Minister Burchuladze is taking part in a meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, which was created after Russia invaded Ukraine to assess its needs, as well as the security challenges facing the U.S. and its allies.

According to Minister Burchuladze, the meeting considered the current situation in Ukraine and focused on how NATO members and non-member countries can support Ukraine.

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