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Georgian Dream Sees No Reason for Special Parliamentary Session, says Ruling Party MP

In response to President Salome Zurabishvili’s decision to convoke a special parliamentary session, Georgian Dream criticized the President while stating that there is no reason for the session.

The President announced today that she would be satisfying the July 13 appeal submitted by part of the opposition and several independent MPs requesting that she convoke the session to discuss the 12 recommendations put forth by the European Commission for Georgia to attain EU candidate status.

“The Georgian President who speaks of reconciliation and depolarization is also the instrument for these issues, which we should first have discussed and considered at the round table, to be taken to the plenary sitting,” GD MP Anri Okhanashvili emphasized on July 15. “She supports that all of this takes on a political form and the political tribunal be given to sides to make more political statements.”

In agreement with Okhanashvili, GD MP Guram Macharashvili stated, “There is no basis and issue that has already passed a committee meeting and now calls for a session.”

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