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President Agrees to Convoke Special Parliamentary Session

Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili announced on July 15 that she signed the relevant decree to satisfy the opposition’s appeal to convoke a special parliamentary session.

A part of the opposition and independent MPs addressed Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili on July 13 with a joint statement, requesting she convene a special parliamentary session to consider the necessary legislative changes for the implementation of 12 recommendations issued by the European Commission for granting Georgia the EU candidacy.

At the briefing held in the presidential palace, President Zurabishvili explained the reasons for convoking the session, emphasizing that the main issue facing the country today is the 12 recommendations outlined by the European Commission and that taking a recess break now is “not justified.”

“Thus I believe that the [special] session is completely justified. A recess now cannot be justified. The [creation of] committees and commissions are also justified and I call on everyone – the opposition and the government, the majority – to fully participate in everything,” she said.

The President also stressed that the country should use “every effort” to work on laws acceptable within the framework of the Commission’s conditions. “All issues and, first of all, the issue of depolarization, should be resolved by our presence and dialogue, [and] by being in Parliament,” she added.

President Zurabishvili underscored that “this is the only perspective of this country. It is the European perspective that we received and no one has the right to divert us from this perspective and path.”

The President did not specify a date for the special session, however, the opposition’s appeal asked her to hold the session starting July 18.

At today’s briefing, President Zurabishvili also expressed concern about Judge Lasha Chkhikvade’s allegation today, saying, “I don’t think this is the right form.” She explained that according to the common rule of diplomacy if such evidence exists it should be addressed in a one-on-one with the Ambassador and not through the TV.

“Our friends are our friends and we have no other friends…,” the President added.

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