Ukraine Says Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan Aid Russia Evade Sanctions

Ukrainian Defense Intelligence has accused Georgia, as well as Armenia and Azerbaijan of negotiating with Moscow over the reexport of Russian products to international markets.

“The supply is planned to be made in the form of Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijani products and export them to third countries,” the Defense Intelligence of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense said on May 1.

It asserted that more than 200 companies have already been established in the South Caucasian countries.

The Ukrainian defense intelligence further stated that Armenia creates favorable conditions for Russian companies to do business, especially in the IT sphere.

“Since the beginning of Russia’s large-scale aggression against Ukraine, some 85,000 Russian citizens and 113 IT companies came to Armenia,” it noted.

“Russian citizens created nearly a thousand private enterprises and about 250 limited liability companies on the territory of Armenia, which pay taxes to the budgets of both countries — Armenia and Russia.”

Earlier in April, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry Intelligence alleged that Moscow was establishing a channel for smuggling through the Georgian territory, an accusation denied by the Georgian authorities. It said Georgia’s political leadership instructed security services not to interfere with the activities of Russian smugglers.

The State Security Service of Georgia then urged Ukraine to “immediately relay evidence” on its claim, warning that the failure to do so “will be considered premeditated disinformation.”

Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili also rebuffed Kyiv’s allegations, saying “Georgia will never allow the transit of sanctioned goods.”

But the Georgian Government has reiterated since the early days of the war that Tbilisi would not impose bilateral sanctions against Moscow, hit by massive international sanctions.

Ukraine’s renewed accusation comes amid already strained relations between Tbilisi and Kyiv, after President Volodymyr Zelenskyy recalled Ambassador from Georgia over the “immoral position” of Garibashvili’s cabinet on “not joining” sanctions and for barring Georgian volunteers from flying to Ukraine. 

Amid growing criticism from Kyiv, Georgian Dream leadership has repeatedly claimed that former United National Movement officials “occupying some quite high positions in Ukraine” are influencing the decisions of the Ukrainian authorities.

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